Amazon is Publishing New Mobile Games for the First Time Since 2015


Amazon recently made an eye-catching announcement that has sent shockwaves through the gaming world: After taking an indefinite hiatus since 2015, they plan to publish several mobile titles marking an unprecedented return to gaming action.

Amazon and Gaming To understand the significance of Amazon’s announcement, let’s briefly trace their journey in gaming. They first entered this industry via ventures such as the Twitch acquisition in 2014. But then took steps back from mobile gaming in 2015 leaving enthusiasts curious.

Amazon’s Mobile Gaming Strategy

Amazon’s decision to return to mobile gaming evokes questions regarding its strategy for this endeavor and how this aligns with its overall vision for the company. Following their 2015 hiatus from mobile gaming, many were left curious as to Amazon’s intentions; thus making their announcement both exciting and intriguing garuda999.

Amazon recently unveiled an exciting range of games, each promising an engaging and original gaming experience for players. Ranging from action-packed adventures to strategy titles, Amazon’s latest releases aim to please a broad range of audiences – so let’s dive deeper into some of them now.

1. Mystic Quest: Realm of Legends

Synopsis: Go on an unforgettable quest through magical realms to meet legendary creatures and complete challenging puzzles! Mystic Quest provides an engaging narrative and strategic gameplay.

2 Cyber Siege: Tactical Warfare

Genre: Strategy

Synopsis: Step into the future of warfare with Cyber Siege, an innovative strategic masterpiece. Build, strategize, and conquer in a world filled with advanced technology and tactical challenges! Are you prepared to lead your forces towards victory?

3. Pixel Mayhem: Retro Revival

Genre: Arcade

Synopsis: Relive nostalgia in Pixel Mayhem’s retro arcade gameplay! Experience its nostalgic charm while competing for high scores and remembering the gaming history of yesteryear! Genre: Arcade Synopsis: Experience an arcade blast from the past in Pixel Mayhem with this retro-inspired arcade game full of pixels, chaos, and nostalgia! Pixel Mayhem invites players back in time with its vintage charm of gaming’s golden age of gaming glory days!


Amazon’s return to mobile gaming marks an unprecedented move with the potential to alter the industry landscape. Their innovative titles, user experience focus, and strategic plans promise significant impact for gamers everywhere – and gamers eagerly anticipate release dates of these exciting titles that hint that Amazon could make its comeback into the gaming arena.

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